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Innovative solutions in Google Cloud for Grupo Orenes

Google Cloud

Grupo Orenes, is one of the major references in the leisure, gaming and restaurant sector in Spain. They were looking for a partner that could support their large technical team in the implementation of cloud solutions, and drive the growth of their products and services.

It is a company with more than 55 years of history, and its core business is entertainment. They are present in several countries in Europe and Latin America.

They were looking for an international and technological expansion, mainly based on the development of their own technology. They have approximately 150 people dedicated to developing software for sports betting, games and other solutions. Always committed to sustainability, responsibility and security.

The challenge

Desafío Icono Devoteam G Cloud

Traditionally, Grupo Orenes operated with its own infrastructure, which can offer different limitations in terms of growth, resilience and availability.

These limitations became more evident when they were going to expand their information system to launch a new online product. The need to scale and the lack of technological agility in on-premise infrastructures became obstacles for the Orenes Group team.

In addition, the highly regulated leisure and gaming sector in Spain imposed additional challenges, as strict regulations made it difficult to adopt new technologies, even when working ad hoc in the cloud.

The goal

The Orenes Group faced the challenge of developing a real-time betting application for tennis from scratch, requiring a more efficient and scalable technological solution than the one they had before.

The solution

The beginning of the collaboration between Devoteam and Grupo Orenes started as a result of a Google Day, a full day where different Google Cloud solutions are presented to customers, focused on Infrastructure and Data at Grupo Orenes’ offices, involving various technical teams. From this event, several lines of work were outlined that resulted in three key initiatives: the creation of a secure environment in Google Cloud and the opening of the Google Cloud Platform console, a working session focused on data, and another on infrastructure.

Despite having previously worked with other clouds in addition to its local infrastructure, Grupo Orenes’ decision to opt for Google Cloud from the outset was strongly influenced by the launch of the data region in Madrid. And in terms of infrastructure, Grupo Orenes chose Google Cloud because of the simplicity offered by Google Platform.

The Grupo Orenes team was already knowledgeable and a user of DevOps and Kubernetes technologies in their on-premises infrastructure. With the extension of its services on Google Cloud, it has been possible to benefit from the ease of deployment, auto-scaling and management that Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) provides on Google Cloud Platform.

On the data side, Devoteam has helped Grupo Orenes with the centralization of data from various sources in BigQuery as a Data Warehouse, therefore optimizing its analytical capabilities. From data loading to SQL queries and real-time performance, the implementation of BigQuery, DataFlow and Pub/Sub has enabled the Group to consolidate its position with a robust set of services in Google Cloud, significantly boosting the analytics part of the organization.

The result

In order to overcome the limitations imposed by the highly regulated sector in Spain and optimize the launch of new products and services, Grupo Orenes made the strategic decision to migrate to Google Cloud. This transition not only facilitated the efficient deployment of new online products, but also improved the scalability, resilience and security of its data, paving the way for further technological innovation. Google Cloud provided specific tools that addressed the unique challenges of the industry, allowing Grupo Orenes to significantly advance its technological evolution.

David López Alarcón - Orenes Grupo

“The idea is to continue to focus on innovation and growth, and in the coming years we will continue to invest heavily in this area. Of course, the collaboration with Devoteam & Google Cloud will be a factor in achieving our objectives and our goals in the future.”

Grupo Orenes currently has a scalable and replicable structure for future launches of similar applications, supported by agile methodologies and microservices. The adoption of Google Cloud Platform not only provides globality and scalability, but also provides flexibility in cost management with a pay-per-use model, a feature that did not exist in its old infrastructure model.

From the beginning, the Orenes Group team has proven to be proactive and autonomous in the search for scalable and professional solutions. In this process, Devoteam has played a key role as a strategic partner, providing valuable consulting and guidance to steer the team towards their successful technological future.

The collaboration between Grupo Orenes, Google Cloud and Devoteam has strengthened Grupo Orenes’ position in the market, standing out as a success story in the adoption of advanced technologies to drive innovation and operational efficiency.

Next steps: What is the future of the project?

Building on the successful deployment of Tennis Betbuiler on Google Cloud Platform, Orenes Group will focus on developing new solutions to further improve customer service such as:

Boton 1 web

Configure their betting websites to empower users with greater control, with the ability to create customized bets, facing teams or players from different leagues or events.

Boton 2 web

Integrate a generative AI service to create a personalized online casino experience. This technology would allow users to customize the look and feel of online casino machines, creating a truly unique and personalized gaming environment.

By implementing these solutions on Google Cloud, the Orenes Group aims to consolidate its position as a leader in the leisure and gaming industry, offering its loyal customers unprecedented opportunities for customization and control.

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