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In the dynamic realm of Google Cloud, success lies in effective collaboration and understanding the key players who can shape your project’s outcome. One such critical role is that of Google Customer Engineers (CEs). In this blog, we aim to shed light on the significance of CEs and how they can elevate your project to new heights.

Who are Google CEs and What do they do?

Google Customer Engineers play a pivotal role as technical leaders in client relationships. Their expertise lies in comprehending the client’s business and technical needs and translating them into innovative solutions on Google Cloud. Proactive in their approach, CEs work alongside clients and partners to decode the value proposition of Google Cloud solutions, guiding them through technical intricacies, architecture design, proof-of-concept endeavours, and troubleshooting challenges.

The value of a Google Customer Engineer: Benefits for projects

Collaborating with a Google CE adds immense value to projects. They act as validators, ensuring the alignment of proposed architectures and methodologies, which, in turn, presents a unified and compelling message to the clients. The trust established through this consolidated relationship is a key differentiator, making clients place more confidence in Google Cloud partners who actively interact with CEs.

Empowering technical excellence: Scaling and expert access

From a technical standpoint, Google CEs possess the capability to escalate queries, problems, or issues to Product Owners, ensuring prompt resolution. This becomes increasingly crucial in a landscape that leans towards managed services, where infrastructure visibility may be limited. Having a Google CE by your side assures quick and effective troubleshooting and resolution.

One of the unique benefits of collaborating with Google CEs is their access to product roadmaps. This invaluable resource empowers clients and partners to adopt groundbreaking solutions even before they hit the market as General Availability (GA). Early adoption of such solutions can offer a competitive edge and better strategic planning.

Devoteam G Cloud and the power of teamwork

At Devoteam G Cloud Spain, we believe in the power of teamwork with Google CEs. We work seamlessly together with the Customer Engineers responsible for our clients’ technical relationships. Regular follow-up meetings allow us to track project progress, ensure alignment, and optimize collaboration. Our joint participation in events like the Google Summit in Madrid further encourages the adoption of GCP technologies and accelerates customer learning about Google Cloud solutions.

The Euroinnova Success Story

Euroinnova is a leading online education school with over 300,000 students from around the world. They are expanding internationally and needed a scalable and accessible solution to manage the number of requests for registration and access to their services, as well as the management of user data. They turned to Devoteam and Google Cloud for help, and with the close partnership between their Engineers, they were able to find the perfect solution for Euroinnova challenges: Google Cloud’s Identity Platform as a core product in their strategy.

This solution provides a direct and customizable authentication service for user registration and access. And it’s scalable enough to handle Euroinnova’s growing user base, and is capable of absorbing the registration peaks due to its loyalty campaigns. Euroinnova now can consult the information of its users in a more centralised way, without having to check multiple dashboards and update wrong data without long queues and complicated processes. 

With Euroinnova, the collaboration between Devoteam and Google’s CEs is materialised in monthly three-way meetings between the client, Google Cloud and Devoteam G Cloud. In which we review new developments in the Google Cloud Platform and possible training or improvement actions for the client’s platform.

Achieving project goals through the effective collaboration between Devoteam and Google Cloud

Collaboration with Google CEs is a mutually beneficial process. At Devoteam G Cloud, we actively engage with CEs, sharing our value proposition regarding professional services, and, in turn, receiving their valuable feedback. This symbiotic relationship strengthens both our teams and results in successful project outcomes.

In the ever-evolving world of Google Cloud, collaborating with Google CEs is a safe way to empower your projects for success. Their technical expertise, proactive assistance, roadmap insights, and ability to escalate and access experts ensure a smooth and efficient journey for clients. At Devoteam G Cloud, we believe in unleashing the full potential of Google CEs to drive innovation and excellence for our clients.

Are you ready to embrace the power of collaboration with Google Customer Engineers?

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