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Introducing Google Workspace

Imagine you’d been told one year ago that the way you live, work and communicate with the people in your life would undergo an extraordinary change. 

The emergence of the 2020 pandemic has caused rapid paradigm shifts especially in the ways of working, and the meaning of ‘normal’ continues to evolve. 

For many, the traditional office has been relocated to living rooms, bedrooms and quiet makeshift spaces that could double as a workspace. Along with the changes in our working spaces, the way we communicate with each other has taken on a vastly different approach.

Our interactions have become more digitised, and maintaining a work-life balance requires ingenious efforts now that the divide between work and home may be a little less clear for most. Yet, these novel times and challenges present an opportunity for us to prosper in a world swiftly advancing on its path to progressive digitisation.

How Google Continues to meet our needs in a pandemic 

With a proven record of innovation, Google has spent decades creating and developing simple and intuitive products that more than 2.6 billion users continue to choose every month.

All Google products are cloud-based, which benefit from the velocity of innovation and without the hindrances of sustaining desktop apps. Layered with Google’s global infrastructure, every user can be guaranteed enduring quality and dependability regardless of where they are on the map.

Famous for helping us get more done at work and home, Google’s collaboration and communication tools continue to be the first choice for billions of users.

Google places high value in fostering thoughtful connections through the use of its tools. Google’s tools help users explore shared interests, plan and manage projects, and facilitate effective group work.

Its helpful features and easy to use interface helps take some of the stress out of work and put a little satisfaction in what you do and how you do it.

Get work done in any location, at any time with Google’s top-level AI and search technology that will help you work smarter and focus on what matters. And with simplicity at the forefront of each product’s design, it means more time spent working than trying to figure out how things work.

In response to the pandemic, Google offered free access to the highest version of Google Meet to all its customers. Users benefitted from meetings with up to 250 participants and recording enabled conferences.

Google didn’t stop there. In the last few months, Google provided super fast product development and an immediate rollout of new features that addressed the unfolding needs of its users.

Google’s advanced security protocols provided many companies with the fortification they needed to protect against cyberattacks.

In harmony with its vision to delivery flexibility, utility and simplicity, Google continues to compound their strengths by continuously developing and improving its products. 

Now, Google announces Google Workspacegoogle-workspace-icons.

“We’re proud to launch Google Workspace and to deliver a fully-integrated, cloud-native experience to help people around the world work and collaborate,” said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief at Google Cloud. “The way the people work has changed, and we look forward to working with our partners like Devoteam to help organizations transform their productivity and collaboration.”

Helping Devoteam Customer Grow 

As a Google Premier Partner, Devoteam stays up to date with the newest and most advanced developments in Google products so we can deliver the best to our customers.

In a time of fast-tracked transformation, we’ve observed shifts in the way our customers work, and we continue to do our best to anticipate their needs and challenges as they evolve dynamically.

We provided additional training to our existing Google Workspace, G Suite customers to guarantee their continued optimal usage. Our experts shared their knowledge and best practice tips on making the most of remote work, staying on top of team management and performing effective switches to online collaboration for 100% of their employees.

With Devoteam, Linköping Municipality has become the first populous Swedish municipality to go Google with G Suite as a collaboration platform. Now, the way more than 12,500 users work and collaborate has been transformed.

Devoteam rolled out G Suite for Mercer International at their locations in Europe, Canada, and Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic. The work was delivered remotely, and 2,300 employees of Mercer could smoothly switch to G Suite to collaborate effectively in the unprecedented situation.

We’ve proudly helped hundreds of schools migrate to the cloud. Our experts worked diligently to ensure a fluid transition so that the education process may continue efficiently and comfortably.

At Devoteam, we are excited about GoogleWorkspace. For our existing customers, it means added value to their solutions in a way that will continue to transcend user expectations.

For our new customers, Google’s announcement brings in a new era of how we work and offers a full transformation in their collaboration and communication platforms.