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New Change Management Talent: Meet Constantinos aka Kosta

As we’re helping more and more companies to ‘go Google’ and transform their workplace to a digital and modern workplace with Google G Suite, also our Change Management efforts are increasing. That’s why our team got enriched with a new Change Manager recently. Let’s introduce you to this new Change Management talent Constantinos, aka Kosta.

Short Bio

Hey there! I’m Constantinos but you can call me Kosta. I joined Fourcast almost a month ago and I’m already loving it!

I have followed a, let’s say, ‘original’ track before arriving here. I started with a degree in Conference Interpreting English/Turkish (yes a greek guy who learns Turkish) into French and the rest could be summed up this way: Interpreting > Sales > Recruitment > Sales & Recruitment > Change Manager @ Fourcast!!! . 

Apparently handling all those changes turned me into a Change Master!

Why fourcast?

First, the work environment! When you enter the office, you can already feel the good vibe. The office looks dynamic and feels like a place where you can spend time without feeling trapped in the office.

Then the people. Even though I did not meet the whole team directly, I could see through Jeremy and Valon (co-founders of Fourcast, ed.) that they were very natural and not playing a role when interviewing me. It’s often a good indication if you laugh during the interviews. Plus, if they chose me so that means they have good taste!

Finally, the job. Even though, I had no IT background or any roles related to change management, I was offered the possibility to start as a Change Manager. I could see that for once, the employer was not looking for degree or experience but more for skills/potential.

And let’s be honest, when you see ‘training at Google locations’ in the job description, that’s pretty awesome!

Why Google?

Would someone really not want to work with Google? I just got back from a 3 days conference of Google in London, Google Cloud Next London ’18, and I think it’s the first time that I only see happy people in a conference. Plus, the most important value for me in a company is that they’re working on innovation, that’s what drives me.

I’m looking forward to going more to those events and to seeing what Google is preparing for us in the coming months.

Do you also want to join our fantastic team? We have a lot of open job opportunities in different specialisations, as the team is constantly growing. Check them out at our career page & apply today!