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Say hello to CloudReady

Having an outdated hardware in your organisation? Or looking for an affordable way to switch to the Cloud?

What is CloudReady?

CloudReady is a software solution created by Neverware. Based on a Google Chrome OS, it transforms every sort of computer to Chromebook device.cloudready-by-neverware-landscape-300x93

What is it for?

Your computer is running slow, it has old components or is not adapted to your tasks. Now, you don’t need to buy a set of new devices. Get CloudReady and enjoy working on the same device, but boosted with new Chrome OS possibilities. This is a perfect solution for high volume of users and limited devices, such as education.

How it works?

Built on the same open-source foundation as Google’s Chrome OS, CloudReady delivers the Chromebook experience on PCs and Macs up to 9 years of age. CloudReady provides an affordable and easy way to deliver the experience your students and teachers want, on the hardware you already have.

How can I get it?

Devoteam G Cloud s is a certified partner with Neverware. We can help your organisation with getting the best tools, tailored specifically for your needs. Contact us for more details and discover the full range of our solutions for education.

The Chromebook experience you love. The PCs you already have.