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On June 1 & 2, Devoteam G Cloud brought to you its first ever edition of the Devoteam G Cloud Days event, in partnership with Google Cloud, our customers and partners. 

Did you miss it? Don’t worry, you can read a recap of this first edition below.

The Devoteam G Cloud Days in numbers

This two-day conference gathered some of the finest Cloud thought leaders. Experts, IT leaders and Googlers discussed their visions for both the present and the future of the Cloud industry.

For this first edition of the Devoteam G Cloud Days : 

  • Attendees enjoyed 41 sessions
  • 62 speakers from more than 14 countries shared their insights
  • More than a thousand people registered

It’s not just about the figures, though. The Devoteam G Cloud Days were packed with inspirational and useful content that you can still enjoy on-demand.

Let’s go over some of the sessions that got the most engagement.

Kickstart the next wave of innovation

To kick-off the first day, director of Devoteam G Cloud Valon Rexhepi was joined by Google Cloud’s VP EMEA South Samuel Bonamigo, and Sébastien Chevrel, Group Managing Director at Devoteam. 

Together, they affirmed both Devoteam and Google’s commitment to driving innovation and helping companies in their innovation journey.


It’s all about the mindset

Keynote speaker Nick Jankel has been working on the idea of a “transformation mindset” as a concept for over 20 years, but it only recently crystallised into a whole theory. 

In his thought provoking session Nick argues that having a growth mindset – one where a company believes that talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies and input from others – is not enough to deal with the pressures that businesses encounter constantly. Instead, companies should step a couple of levels beyond to a “transformation mindset”.

“A transformation mindset is characterised by the belief that we can & must constantly adapt & evolve ourselves and our organisations to fit & forge the fast-changing world” – Nick Jankel @Devoteam G Cloud Days 2021




Data & Smart Analytics

Explore AI & ML

In this session, Turan Bulmus from Google and Tristan Van Thielen from Devoteam G Cloud show you that building an end-to-end machine learning platform is not only a matter of technology, but also one of process and culture. 

You can learn about the way Google operates to make such projects come to life through their Cloud AI Adoption Framework. And why starting your first project with Vertex AI is a better solution than starting from scratch.



How to become a more data-driven organisation

A lot of companies say they “want to become more data-driven”, but what does it exactly entail? 

In this session, you can hear Koen Landsheere from The Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) and Constantinos Raptis from Devoteam G Cloud go over a real use case that both organisations developed together.

Discover how an organisation like the RBFA went from a wish such as “we want a CRM” to formulating a vision, building a data lake, and all the other steps to make it happen.


Modernise your IT Infrastructure

Workshop : What can you do in less than an hour?

The answer is : Learning how to develop your Cloud journey! 

To show you how, Payam Ebrahimi and Adrian Trzeciak put themselves in the shoes of two different personas who want to jumpstart their Cloud journey.

They cover two approaches : 

  • Utilising a fully managed infrastructure
  • Adapting Cloud to an existing on-prem data center


Workshop : How to modernise your data warehouse?

What is a modern data warehouse, and how do you build one with BigQuery and Cloud Composer? This is what you learn with Huijie Wang, Data Engineer at Devoteam Cloud Services.

To make it relatable, you get some practical tips as well as a demo with a Brazilian E-Commerce Public Dataset that includes customers, sellers and orders data, among others. 


Digital Workplace

Making remote working more efficient

As the famous saying goes, “a company is nothing without its people”, and we all know how hard 2020 & 2021 were for employees. 

If your company has survived this far into 2021, it means that you figured out how to make remote working happen. But what if you could be even more successful by making your remote workers more efficient and productive? 

That’s what you can learn with Julie Dockx, Workplace Team Lead & Customer Success Manager at Devoteam G Cloud. With her 5 tips to boost remote productivity, companies are challenged to take their remote working initiatives further.


Making sure your change management sticks

Change management is often seen as unicorns and rainbows by CIO’s and CTO’s to whom Keren Castelli talks. But as she argues in this session, companies won’t get a return on investment if they don’t put a change management plan in place.

In this session, you can learn 4 tips from her and Marius Beek to make your change stick : involving your stakeholders, anticipating resistance, making it fun, and keeping sustainability in mind. 


Living the Devoteam G Cloud Life

What can diversity and inclusion mean for your business?

Business leaders know that they must transform their recruiting, hiring, and retention practices today and tomorrow to make it more diverse and inclusive, and as such positively impact their businesses. 

What about you?

In this interactive discussion, G Clouders share their professional and personal experiences. This session has a multitude of valuable insights and knowledge that you can implement in your own diversity & inclusion initiatives.


Throughout these two days, some of the finest experts and thought leaders of the Cloud industry shared their knowledge, and attendees left with plenty of insights from them.

Of course, there were several other sessions about our solutions such as Chrome Enterprise, Flycs, Google Cloud Platform, and more. All this content is available for free on-demand, all you have to do is register through this form.

The Devoteam G Cloud Days made its mark with this first edition. If you want to stay tuned for the next one, subscribe to our newsletter!

See you again very soon!