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One of the biggest evolutions in the history of Google’s G Suite is without a doubt the new integrated Gmail experience that Google announced this week. The integration of Google Chat, Tasks & Google Meet video conferencing, right in the Gmail workspace, is only a first step in the direction of a broader vision on the future of the digital workplace. And on the future of Gmail more specifically. Inspired by their users’ feedback, Google’s goal with this new integrated Gmail workspace is to further maximise the impact of everyone’s work, from wherever they work. Read this blog to discover what’s the vision behind this, what the impact will be and how Gmail will evolve in the future.

The future of GmailThis week on Google Cloud Next: OnAir, Javier Soltero – VP & GM of G Suite – talked about the new Gmail integrations to increase everyone’s productivity at work. “G Suite was engineered for flexibility from the beginning”: said Soltero in his Keynote.

Javier Soltero, VP & GM of G Suite on Google Cloud Next OnAir

Information overload

Nowadays people are getting increasingly overloaded with messages, emails and information through various communication channels and collaboration platforms. On top of that, through the mobile era, we are expected to read and respond immediately to everything.

So many of us are wasting a lot of time on routine tasks such as switching between different tools, catching up on emails, looking for the required information,…

The real problem is that there is little time left for the work that really matters.

Gmail integrations

That is why G Suite wanted to help their users to focus. Google went looking for solutions to increase productivity and flexibility. Because the goal from the start was to help their users.

Thus Google asked for their feedback. One of the conclusions was that almost everyone starts their workday in the same app: their email. So that’s where also Google started for their vision: right in Gmail.

Google’s answer to the challenges we face in the workplace is the integration of the core communication tools in Gmail, such as email, Chat, (chat) rooms, voice- & video-calling, files & tasks. Instead of adding more apps to our busy tech-saturated lives. With one goal: to let users focus more on high-impact work.

Instead of adding more apps to our busy tech-saturated lives, we revisited the tools we rely on everyday to make them more helpful” – G Suite

integration of core communication tools in Gmail

Through Gmail, you will be able to reach all the people you need to collaborate with. Seamlessly switch between channels in Gmail and instantly find all the information you need.

This will create a uniform experience directly within Gmail, without having to switch between other tabs.

We don’t just bring this tools together, we make them work better together” -Javier Soltero

Bringing it all together & make it work better

Bringing the core elements of work together is a big part of how the next generation of Gmail helps users focus on the conversations and tasks that matter.

Jump into a call from chat, forward a message to inbox, create a task from a message, create a room from an email — everything connects together.

These various integrations to optimise the Gmail user experience are the future within G Suite. The more you can work from one tool, the faster your productivity and flexibility will increase. That’s exactly the goal that Google wants to reach with this vision and this new integrated workspace.

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