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Offload your data team
with Data Managed Services

Data teams are under a lot of pressure to get value out of all the data of an organisation, with an ever-growing amount of data use cases and requests. Imagine you can take away the maintenance tasks from this team. Data Managed Services do exactly that: handling the day-to-day upkeep of your data platform, so your data team can focus on what truly matters: getting value out of your data.

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What is Data Managed Services?

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Benefits of Data Managed Services

24/7 Peace of mind

Rely on professionals who proactively monitor your data platform 24/7.

More value out of your data

Free your data team so they can focus on getting more value out of your data, tackling data use cases and driving business impact.

Retain your data talent

Create an environment where your data team thrives on innovation and strategic projects.

Leverage Cloud Managed Services

Count on Devoteam’s Cloud Managed Services team that also manages your Google Cloud or other public Cloud Infrastructure 24/7.

Count on certified experts

Devoteam is an awarded and certified Google Cloud Managed Services Provider and Data & Analytics Specialized partner. Count on an international, certified team of Google Cloud experts ready to support your data platform.

Google Cloud Managed Services with Devoteam

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Data Managed Services in a nutshell – Download the one-pager

Check out this one-pager to see how we can offload your data teams and help your organisation to get more value out of your data with data managed services.

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Take a driver seat with INSIGHT

Intuitive & decision centred cockpit

Are you getting lost in your cloud environment? Let us give you the map! Insight provides a 360° view of your clouds. Get an overview of your cloud costs to identify saving opportunities.
And take control of what is happening in your clouds related to security, compliance, and overall governance as we fully assess your clouds.

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