Google Cloud for Healthcare

 Improve patient care and collaboration between healthcare professionals by leveraging Google Cloud’s suite of intelligent solutions.
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Secure solutions for healthcare workers & patients


Discover the productivity benefits of Google Workspace

Collaborate & connect in real-time with your careteam, patients & employees with Google Workspace. From anywhere, on any device and with built-in security.

Discover Google Workspace for Healthcare

Chrome Enterprise for Healthcare

Provide quality care with Chrome Enterprise

Improve your health care services by empowering your caregivers & patients by cloud-powering your healthcare workforce.

Discover Chrome Enterprise for Healthcare

Google Cloud for Healthcare

A faster & more personalised experience

Enable data sharing and interactive collaboration, while also providing a better flow of data that will inspire new discoveries with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), leading to insights that improve patient outcomes.

Discover Google Cloud for Healthcare

Secure solutions for healthcare workers & patients

Securely access patient information from anywhere

Securely access patient information from anywhere

Your data, devices, and users are protected. Find all your files in the cloud & be in control. 

  • Gmail, Google Drive & Google Docs support HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Google Workspace is GDPR compliant.
  • Data of medical information and files are safe, secure, and always available.
  • Use Google's mobile device management & encryption for an extra layer of security.
  • Give access from any corporate-managed device to authorised employees and caregivers to specific healthcare information.

Upgrade your service & deliver a better patient experience

  • Start every visit with all the patient's intake information by using Google Forms to create intake information surveys. Whenever a patient submits the survey, the data will automatically appear in your Google Sheets.
  • Analyse all the data in Google Sheets, where it’s ready to be processed and analysed by doctors & nurses. 
  • Real-time data sharing makes it possible to follow up immediately with patients.
  • Collaborate in real-time with each other, quickly find space on everybody's Calendar, and organise meetings. 
Patient Intake Forms with G Suite
Telemedecine with video conferencing

Telemedicine with video conferencing

  • Use Google Meet to securely connect your care team. Organise virtual team meetings and doctor visits with only one click on a button.
  • Share your screen with participants if you want to share some specific documents or medical information (pictures, videos, ...) to create a smoother conversation.
  • Support all the video conferencing participants by turning on live captions.

Easy mobile healthcare

  • Keep remote teams connected from anywhere & anytime with Google Chat. Create chat groups with care teams.
  • Store files in Google Drive. 
  • Google Chat, Forms & Sheets support HIPAA Compliance.
  • Access and update information from any device (for Android and iOS).
  • Update and check charts, file reports, and medication lists and treatments right from a patient's home.
Access medical data from anywhere on your mobile device
Automate your workflows & streamline operations by moving to the Cloud with Google Drive

Automate your workflows & streamline operations by moving to the Cloud

  • Share X-rays, CT scans, and voice and video messages (up to 5TB each file) on Google Drive.
  • Give access to shared drives to an entire care team.

One centralised information hub 

  • Put all your announcements, policy updates, documents, and training materials on Google Drive.
  • Create an easy-to-build website with Google Sites (that supports HIPAA compliance) and link to your Google Drive. 
Updates & internal communication in the healthcare sector via G Suite-1

Benefits of Google Workspace in your organisation

The wide scope of the medical field means varied IT challenges, all of which Google Workspace can help with.
Let's take a look at some benefits of Google Workspace in healthcare.

Google Workspace Logo


Introduce a new way of working with Google Workspace

Collaborate & connect in real-time with your team, partners & customers
From anywhere, on any device and with built-in security.

Discover Google Workspace  Discover which Google Workspace plan fits my needs

Discover our 6 Google Workspace tips for your organisation

These top 6 Google Workspace tips will help your healthcare organisation to improve the patient experience, and make mobile healthcare easier with Google Cloud's cloud-based collaboration solutions.

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Google Workspace for healthcare

Ready to save yourself and your IT department costs & time with Chrome Enterprise?

With Chrome Enterprise you can empower your patients, practitioners and your practice with secure, reliable and fast browser and enterprise-ready Chrome OS devices that just work. 

Let's take a look at some benefits of Chrome Enterprise in the healthcare industry.

Chrome Enterprise grey

Empower caregivers

Through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) & Chrome Browser caregivers have instant access to patient records and other insights.

Devices don't slow down overtime. The updates happen in the background so it doesn't disrupt the workflow.

Connect with patients

Give your patients access to information and streamline processes with personal devices and self-service kiosks.
Give caregivers more time to spend with patients with easy to use technology.

Improve your practice

Your PHI data is secure thanks to the multiple layers of comprehensive, built-in security and compliance.
Deploy devices quickly, set user and device settings, and manage remotely all the users with the simple, cloud-based admin console.
Reduce acquisition and operational costs, and improve business uptime by deploying Chromebooks in your healthcare organisation.

Gain 156 hours of productivity back per employee, per year with shared devices and kiosks.

Study by Forrester Consulting “Google Chrome Enterprise devices boost employee experience and productivity in the healthcare industry”.

Give time back to caregivers

Stop to lose time of your healthcare professionals that work from fixed workstations. Give them mobile access to the files & information they need on the go.

Provide access to electronic healthcare systems (EHRs) from shared workstations with tap-and-go technology.

Keep caregivers knowledgeable and trained with digital training. They can use shared devices using Grab & Go for Chrome Enterprise.

Caregivers can support and connect their patients remotely, monitor health digitally, and set up virtual visits.

Give your patients a higher quality experience

Use self-service stations, kiosks and personal devices powered by Chrome OS, to simplify the check-in and check-out process.

Make the visit or stay of your patients more entertaining  by enabling patients to request assistance, browse the web or stream content on Chromebooks.

Enable your caregivers to work faster in the Cloud 

Invest smarter, for today and tomorrow. Lower costs, simplify operations & increase productivity. 

Discover Chrome Enterprise

Chromebooks in Healthcare

Chromebooks are cheap, fast, easy to use and meet all healthcare needs. They work seamlessly with the Google Workspace Apps.

Chromebooks always boot within 10 seconds. These simple, secure and shareable devices are popular with caregivers, patients and IT coordinators!

Chromebooks in a nutshell

Benefits of Chromebooks: Good for Patients and for Bottom Lines

Chromebooks are giving back precious time to caregivers and their patients.

Live Events on Chromebooks 

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Chromebooks in Healthcare

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Explore how you can empower your healthcare workers with Chromebooks

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Our Chromebooks offer for your healthcare organisation

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Unleashing the Power of the Cloud in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is increasingly turning to the cloud to advance transformational digital initiatives.

Discover the benefits of implementing Google Cloud in your healthcare organisation:

Healthcare & Google Cloud

How to jumpstart your digital transformation with Google Cloud

To get started on your healthcare organisation’s digital transformation, you should focus on:

Organising and managing your data so that it’s accessible to people who need it, but secure from everyone else

Integrating data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive, contextual set of knowledge that can help to improve the overall care experience

Leveraging analytics to gain insights into clinical, financial, and operational workflows, thereby helping to lower costs, reduce staff burnout, and enable better care for more people

Relying on artificial intelligence to aid clinicians making diagnoses and guide patients to better health before, during, and after care

Discover Google Cloud

Google Cloud resources

Business value of improved performance & efficiency with Google Cloud Platform

White paper

In this IDC whitepaper, learn how you can leverage Google Cloud Platform to accelerate business growth through increased productivity and scalability while achieving greater cost efficiencies.


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IDC Whitepaper - Google Cloud Platform

Unleashing the Power of the Cloud in Healthcare

White paper

The healthcare industry is gravitating toward the cloud. This is not surprising when considering the storage, scalability, and collaboration benefits that the technology can bring to computing initiatives. In this white paper discover how healthcare organisations can move on their digital journeys & how to jump start your digital transformation. 

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White paper Unleashing the Power of the Cloud in Healthcare

Implementing Google Solutions in your healthcare organisation with Devoteam G Cloud

As an experienced Google Premier Partner, we bring in our expertise in your organisation & ensure smooth transitions. Our experts have worked with healthcare organisations before & are there to help you as your trusted partner. 

Contact us, we're happy to help you in every step of your journey to the Cloud!

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