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From Hardware Diagnostics to Data Guru: Meet Jesper, the Head of Data & Analytics at Devoteam G Cloud Netherlands

Meet Jesper Bergeskans, Head of Data & Analytics at Devoteam G Cloud in the Netherlands.

In this series, we’ll put the spotlight on Devoteam G Cloud’s experts who are always at the forefront of driving progress in the exciting and rapidly-evolving Google Cloud world. In this article, you’ll meet Jesper Bergeskans, Head of Data & Analytics at Devoteam G Cloud in the Netherlands. He talks about his journey into the world of data, the dynamic nature of his role, and the exciting projects he has worked on. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of data engineering and discover the insights Jesper shares about the challenges, triumphs, and vision for the future of his data team.

My Journey from Hardware Diagnostics to Data & Analytics

Jesper Bergeskans, head of data & analytics at Devoteam G Cloud Netherlands

Let me take you through my career journey. Originally from Sweden, I started my professional life in Ireland, working with HP and other tech companies like D-Link and Team Liquid. It was during my time at Team Liquid that I got into data and analytics. They were launching a new product and realised they needed data expertise just two weeks before the launch. They asked me to step in and fix it. That’s when I discovered my passion for data and analytics. After reaching a ceiling at Team Liquid, I opened LinkedIn and was contacted to Devoteam, which eventually led me here.

A Dynamic Day in the Life of a Head of Data & Analytics

What I love about this job is the perfect mix of using my tech skills and people skills. One hour, I might be designing a system for a customer, the next hour, troubleshooting with my team, and then having career discussions with team members. It’s an extremely varied role that keeps me on my toes, requiring me to improvise and have in-depth knowledge of various aspects. From firefighting when a customer’s system goes down to getting the best out of my team members, I need to be prepared for anything.

Being a Head of Data & Analytics at Devoteam G Cloud is anything but predictable. There’s no typical day for me. I start with a plan in the morning, but it’s safe to say that by 9 a.m., that plan is usually thrown out the window, making room for the additional challenges the day is bringing.

Real-Life Projects that Have Shaped My Career

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on a range of real-life projects that have been instrumental in my professional growth. One notable project was with our retail customer HunkeMöller, where I started by setting up their GCP environment and infrastructure. I then moved on to ingesting and modelling data, which might sound boring, but I found it fascinating due to its dynamic and varied nature. Designing batch processing pipelines and streaming ingestion mechanisms allowed me to explore the pros and cons of each approach. Additionally, I’ve worked on smaller projects like a data warehousing project for scale-ups like Deliverect.

Advice for Aspiring Data Engineers

To those aspiring to become data engineers, here’s some valuable advice. In the industry today, many primarily see themselves as data engineers. However, at Devoteam G Cloud, we’re looking for software engineers who have expertise in working with data. The difference between the two is significant. As a software engineer, you not only ensure that things work but also follow best practices and have a deep understanding of the systems you use. You can’t just be satisfied with knowing that something works; you need to have an urge to delve into the intricacies of how things work. 

Additionally, while there are ample online resources to learn about ingestion, orchestration, BI tools, and machine learning, (I really recommend Cloud Skill Boost) many tend to overlook important aspects like governance. Understanding governance is as crucial as having real data skills and is highly valued by our customers. I recently mentioned a good set-up in this article on “Building a Scalable and Agile Modern Data Stack”. 

Finding Joy in Enabling Team Growth

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is witnessing the growth of the people around me. I used to think I wasn’t cut out for management until I experienced it firsthand. Seeing my team members develop and taking specific steps forward brings me immense joy. As a leader, you could say that my goal is to “lead the horse to water and give it the possibility to drink”. I enable the people I work with and guide them to the right resources so that they can excel. 

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.’ I really get joy out of enabling people with who I work with and seeing them grow as individuals.


Currently, I have a team of five members, which will soon grow to seven after the summer and will expand further during the rest of the year because we still have open positions

Overcoming Challenges Beyond the Technical Realm

While technical challenges are part of the job, the most significant hurdles usually lie outside the technical realm. Effective communication with customers and properly scoping projects are often the biggest challenges. Many times, customers ask for something without realising what they truly need. As a data engineer, I need to be technically strong enough to understand their requirements and reflect on what they actually want. Sometimes, this involves explaining the difference between their initial request and the best solution. It’s not just about technical expertise; it’s about guiding and enlightening customers to make informed decisions.

Keeping up with the rapidly expanding data landscape is another challenge. The data sphere is evolving at an astonishing pace, and staying up to date with the latest technologies can be a struggle. That’s why, at Devoteam G Cloud, we seek out software engineers who can adapt and learn new technologies quickly. Since new technology builds on previous advancements, having a deep understanding of foundational concepts makes it easier to grasp the latest developments.

Memorable Moments and Team Vision

One of my most memorable moments as a G Clouder was when a team member approached me and expressed their desire to be a guide for a new hire. It showed me that the culture I envisioned for the team had taken root, and they understood the importance of providing an exceptional onboarding experience. It was a testament to the team’s alignment with my vision.

When it comes to our team vision, I believe that working better can be achieved by working less. I emphasize this to new hires right from the start. We don’t want our team members to exhaust themselves. Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is to take a step back and gain perspective. Taking a 30-minute walk during the day is completely acceptable. We aim for a work-life balance that fosters long-term success for everyone in the team.

Do not work yourself to death. We want long-term success and for that, there needs to be a proper work-life balance for everyone.

Join the Devoteam G Cloud Team: Opportunities for Builders

At Devoteam G Cloud Netherlands, we are actively seeking skilled professionals to join our team. We are particularly interested in hiring Senior Data Engineers and Senior BI/Looker Engineers. What we truly value are builders — individuals who can shape and influence our team’s growth right from day one. Our team is young and dynamic, offering opportunities to further build a vibrant culture, implement best practices, and stay at the forefront of new technologies. We encourage continuous learning and experimentation with emerging trends. Regardless of your seniority, if you identify a blind spot or an area where we can improve, your input will be highly valued and considered.

What we’re really looking for are builders. Junior and senior profiles help build our culture, implement best practices while getting a chance to experiment with the latest technology and setting the technological direction.

Cultivating a Team Culture: More Than Just Consultancy

Unlike traditional consultancy models focused on body shopping, Devoteam G Cloud prioritises building a collaborative team culture. While occasional customer visits are part of the job, the majority of our time is spent working closely with colleagues. We believe in fostering a supportive environment that promotes long-term success and personal well-being. This sets us apart from many other consultancy firms and ensures that our team members can thrive in a positive and engaging workplace.

Join Jesper’s Tribe in The Netherlands for an Exciting Career in Data Engineering 

Based on Jesper’s tribe’s experience in the Netherlands, it’s evident that pursuing a path in data engineering is more than just a profession – it’s an exhilarating journey packed with thrilling obstacles and endless opportunities for personal development. If Jesper’s tale has ignited your imagination and you possess a genuine ardor for data engineering, why not become a member of our team at Devoteam G Cloud in the Netherlands? Seize this chance to kickstart your Data Engineering career and reach unprecedented milestones with cutting-edge Google Cloud technology.