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Atlax 360 migrated to the Google cloud for a more flexible and collaborative environment.

Google Cloud

In a view

Atlax 360 is a multinational company expert in the optimisation of global Order to Cash processes and the improvement of management control in B2B companies, present in 7 countries and with more than 300 professionals. Atlax 360 was looking to change its current infrastructure to have a more flexible and independent model, they had the need for a service provider with an open and powerful environment.

The Challenge

The project between Atlax 360, Devoteam and Google Cloud was aimed at the entire company, which has more than 2,000 companies that use its solutions to optimize their Order to Cash processes in more than 30 countries. In addition to a more modern and complete infrastructure for their systems, they were also looking for a more collaborative solution for their employees, more than 300 in 7 countries.

What did the customer want to solve?

Atlax 360’s cloud architecture plays a fundamental role in the company’s global growth strategy, as all services and applications have been designed following cloud-native principles.

In this sense, the international expansion of Atlax 360 has been articulated based on the adoption of multicloud architectures, which by using different providers, allows them to obtain important benefits such as greater flexibility, scalability, resilience and different service plans.  However, challenges arise when implementing such multi-cloud architectures, especially when it comes to migrating heterogeneous data and services between different providers.

Atlax 360’s main need was to look for a service provider with an open environment, to be independent of the systems they were previously using. They were looking to diversify both the data infrastructure they had, as well as modernize the workstations for their users globally.

They were looking for flexibility in systems management, power and backup that only Google Cloud could offer, all with great database and cost control.

What challenges did Atlax 360 face?

Atlax 360 was expanding their company, with a new business focus and a very clear objective – to be the technological reference in their sector. For this, they needed a technology and a partner that would meet the needs and challenges they were facing.

Some of the most important challenges Atlax 360 faced in designing its multi cloud architecture were the following:

  • Data migration
  • Unified management and communication between clouds

The solution

The solution found by Google Cloud, Atlax 360 and Devoteam was to migrate the pre-production environment to Google Cloud Platform – storage, compute, servers, communications and backup.

To overcome these challenges, GCP provides state-of-the-art technologies that help address the issues associated with implementing a multi-cloud architecture. Some of these technologies include:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine is a container orchestration platform used to manage applications that can run in abstraction to the underlying vendor. This technology facilitates the migration and use of applications between different providers.
  • Terraform is an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) technology used to automate the creation and management of cloud resources. It provides a common platform that facilitates the management of a multi-cloud architecture such as Atlax 360.
  • Google Cloud Migrate to Virtual Machines. This is a tool designed to facilitate data migration between different cloud providers. One of its main features is that it allows transferring large volumes of data to GCP efficiently and securely. Additionally, it provides an intuitive user interface that allows users to easily configure and manage data migration.

On the other hand, with respect to security, Google Cloud Migrate uses advanced encryption technologies to ensure that data is transferred securely.

  • Interconnection of VPCs: this technology significantly improves connectivity between different cloud providers by providing a private and secure network connection between Atlax 360 services deployed in different locations.

By having a robust, secure, low-latency connection, the performance of applications hosted by different cloud providers is not affected, which is especially important for the critical services Atlax 360 offers its customers that require high availability and responsiveness.

In addition, within the implementation of the Google Workspace suite for a more collaborative and participative management of more than 300 Atlax 360 employees, Devoteam also offered a complete Change Management service, which included content creation and training.

Key results and customer benefits

Having a flexible and diversified data infrastructure, more open, with the possibility of having a better control of expenses.

With the implementation of Google Workspace tools for the entire company, there was a reduction of more than 50% in costs in office automation tools.

Jose Ramon, Atlax 360 and Google Cloud

“The layered architecture of our platforms, Yndika and Triniom, is scalable, modular and cloud-native, with automated and fully secure management. Thanks to Google Cloud, we work with Docker-based containerization and have managed orchestration services through the Kubernetes platform.”

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