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Expertise, transparency, and personalised solutions: why Poppy is choosing Devoteam G Cloud as Google Cloud Partner

Poppy Mobility chooses Devoteam G Cloud as Google Cloud Partner for its transparency, expertise, and personalized solutions, resulting in significant value to their business. Devoteam G Cloud's commitment to building long-lasting partnerships and providing exceptional customer service sets them apart from other cloud service providers.

About Poppy

Poppy Mobility is a shared mobility application who started in Antwerp in 2018. Poppy is now available in Brussels, Mechelen, Ghent, Lier Liege and at the Belgian airports.

Poppy is offering shared cars, vans, electric E-scooters and E-bikes. Poppy is the freedom to choose the most suitable mobility solution for each trip. Customers can have access to more than 4000 shared vehicles in free-floating through the app, which is the key, and can drive around or outside Belgium.

Today Poppy is utilising Google Workspace as well as Google Cloud services including Compute Engine and BigQuery.

Qualities to Look for in a Cloud Services Provider

For Poppy honesty and commitment to building a long-lasting partnership are of utmost importance when choosing a cloud services provider. Devoteam G Cloud embodies these qualities and much more. They are not just about extracting value in the short term; their focus is on evolving with us over time, which is why we value their partnership greatly.

Devoteam G Cloud’s transparency and honesty are evident in the way they handle our cloud bill. They have helped us identify areas where we can reduce our cloud bill and reallocate the budget to more impactful areas. This has given us more bandwidth and budget to focus on growing our business, which is essential for success.

Expertise is another important quality that is important when looking for a Cloud Services Provider. They have a deep understanding of Google Cloud and are always up-to-date with the latest features and best practices. This has helped us optimize our cloud infrastructure and ensure that we are getting the most value out of our investment.

In comparison to other cloud service providers, Devoteam G Cloud stands out in terms of communication and collaboration opportunities. Poppy appreciates the deep collaboration and frequent communication they have with our team. Devoteam G Cloud’s commitment to providing personalized and tailored solutions is what sets them apart. They take the time to understand each client’s unique needs and build a customized cloud solution that meets those needs.

When considering a cloud services provider, it’s important to consider the stage of your company. While maintaining good practices and utilizing self-service tools are crucial when starting, prioritizing security is key when scaling up. Investing in security measures such as security keys, email protection, and intrusion testing is crucial to ensure user data is not compromised.

At any stage of your company’s growth, finding a partner who can provide guidance and expertise in the areas your business needs is crucial for achieving success. Devoteam G Cloud’s commitment to honesty, transparency, expertise, and partnership has made them an exceptional cloud services provider, Poppy is happy to have Devoteam G Cloud as a partner. 

The Added Value of Devoteam G Cloud

At Poppy, we’ve been fortunate to work with Devoteam G Cloud, and their expertise and guidance have brought significant value to our business, particularly in terms of Google Workspace. They’ve taken the time to educate us on the various plans available and the proper usage of Workspace, resulting in cost savings for our business. They also introduced us to shared drives, which we hadn’t been utilizing before, and it’s been incredibly beneficial.

But that’s not all – Devoteam G Cloud has also helped us enhance our security posture with the deployment of security keys in different organizational units. As our usage of Google Workspace and Google Cloud became more advanced, they continued to provide us with valuable insights and solutions, such as onboarding external partners. Their expertise and support have been invaluable to our business growth, and we couldn’t have achieved this level of success without them.

One of the most valuable aspects of our partnership with Devoteam G Cloud is the QBR sessions. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for collaboration and expertise sharing. We can discuss a wide range of product-related issues, and there is always something new to talk about. The sessions are recorded, serving as a useful review of our partnership, and the frequency is optimized to ensure maximum benefit.

Devoteam G Cloud’s commitment to building long-lasting partnerships, expertise, and personalized solutions has set them apart from other providers.

Responsive Customer Service and Support

While Poppy has not had any major support requests, we have had questions about optimizing our usage of Google Cloud and customizing our solutions, particularly with BigQuery. Devoteam Google Cloud has been quick to respond and provide us with tailor-made solutions.

Their no-fuss meeting culture has been beneficial. Meetings are short, effective, and get straight to the point, which is essential for busy businesses like ours. During these meetings, they made us aware of technical optimizations that we needed to make, helping us to improve our cloud infrastructure and optimize our usage.

We find their customer service approach to be very responsive and helpful. They have been extremely helpful and have provided us with the guidance we need to ensure that we are getting the most out of our investment in Google Cloud. Their commitment to their customers is evident in their quick response times and the quality of the solutions they provide. 

Thought Leadership and Staying Up-to-Date

One of the things that we appreciate most about working with Devoteam G Cloud is their deep understanding of our data needs. During Poppy’s quarterly reviews, they demonstrate a remarkable understanding of our business and suggest new services that could potentially benefit us. While not every suggestion is a perfect fit, their proactive approach is impressive.

Devoteam G Cloud’s team has an exceptional understanding of the ever-changing cloud landscape, and they have consistently kept us up-to-date with the latest Google Cloud features and services that are relevant to our business needs.

Cloud costs can be complex, but Devoteam G Cloud is always there to provide valuable guidance on the various trade-offs involved. They have helped us navigate the different ways of scaling, including serverless and Kubernetes, which have different costs, efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

Devoteam G Cloud ensures that we are always up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, guaranteeing that we are using the best and most efficient solutions for our business. 

Return on Investment and the Future of Poppy 

At the end of the day, the success of any business is determined by the ROI (Return on Investment) it generates. When it comes to cloud technologies, the potential for high margins is significant, but so is the risk of losing control over costs. That’s where Devoteam G Cloud comes in as a trusted tech partner that can help you achieve the best ROI possible. By optimizing cloud usage, increasing investment in big data and security, and doing more with less budget, they ensure that we get the most out of our cloud investments.

This win-win relationship is built on a deep understanding of Poppy’s needs and a commitment to providing thought leadership and guidance on the latest trends and technologies. By working with specialized agencies like Devoteam G Cloud for specific tasks such as cloud operations, DevOps, and quality assurance, businesses can stay lean, focused, and efficient.

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Devoteam G Cloud and Poppy is poised to evolve and lead to even more exciting projects, such as machine learning initiatives. While the partnership may start with project-based work, there are opportunities for more recurring work if it makes sense for both teams. Ultimately, the goal is to continue driving our business forward with the help of Devoteam G Cloud’s expertise and support.

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