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A 2.0 digital approach to empower your employees

Digital transformation is the buzzword of this decade. It impacts employees because they not only work in a physical workplace anymore, but in a digital one too. How can you unlock your team’s potential with digital tools? Let’s look at how you can empower your employees from a digital perspective in this article. 


Build the culture your employees want

In a highly competitive market, C-levels realise that creating an organisation that values employees is crucial.  C-Levels must provide them with an environment to fully utilise their skills isIt increases the employee satisfaction and, consequently, improves the business results. But empowering employees is a culture. As an employer you should give your team members permission to undertake actions and make decisions within your company. They have to feel in control in their work environment. As an employer you have the responsibility to create a work environment which helps foster the ability and desire of employees to act in empowered ways.

One action you can undertake to give them more power is to give them the necessary resources and tools they need to get their work done. 

But choosing to go digital is more than just a simple implementation of some tools. Creating a digital workplace isn’t a top-down process. Involve your employees as early as possible and let them provide you with input. 

Any device, any time, anywhere

The future of working remotely is happening now. The movement is broader and growing faster than you realise. It costs you a lot of money when an employee is stuck in traffic? This is why a growing number of businesses are now letting their staff work from home by introducing digital tools. Working from home has a lot of advantages for you and your employees. It not only boosts the productivity of your employees but it also gives them more flexibility, more time with family and friends.

But the digital workplace is not only about working remotely; it’s about working where you want and when you want. With the right digital tools and infrastructure you can have access to all your files, your apps and contacts anytime and anywhere. Your employees can decide themselves where and when they will work. They could be working on the same project simultaneously while on different sides of the world. As an employer you’ll offer your employees not only a smoother collaboration but also a more secure service and interaction between you and them. The benefits of a digital workplace can’t be counted on just one hand! 

A digital workplace is now a requirement, not an option

It’s vital to offer a digital workplace to your employees if you want to retain your talent. Moving to integrated, collaborative, cloud-based tools like G Suite will transform your traditional workplace to the desired digital workplace.

Why go for G Suite?

Many of the most innovative companies in the world have embraced G Suite. Their employees have become more agile, more flexible, more engaged, more productive, more data driven and more collaborative. You wonder why? Well, G Suite offers you the possibility to work more efficiently and more effectively from anywhere in the world! It’s that simple. 


1. Innovate faster by creating a culture of collaboration

Real-time collaborations solutions like G Suite will help to connect your teams because some of them aren’t at the office. People achieve more together and faster. To get work done, files become collaborative workspace where everyone can give their input. To boost communication, whether you’re behind your desk or in the field or in your car, G Suite helps you connect with colleagues effortlessly. The core communication apps include Gmail, Google +, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, and Calendar.

2. Get stuff done faster with Artificial Intelligence in your productivity suite

Google has become an AI first company in 2019. Each new feature that is being released in G Suite should be powered by AI in some way. The goal is to help people focus on the added value activities and automate the mundane tasks as much as possible. This reflects in features like smart compose in Gmail and Google Docs for example.

3. Empower your employees with remote and mobile working

G Suite is designed with mobile first in mind. It always provides the same tools, data access and security features on any device and wherever you are.

4. Provide them with tools to to boost collaboration

Thanks to the G Suite apps you can simplify collaboration between large teams with the agility of a small startup. Apps like Sheets, Forms, Docs, Jamboard, Slides, App Maker, and Keep make real-time collaboration possible.

5. Stop wasting your employees’ time

Searching for the right information. Sounds easy? Well it isn’t, a lot of employees waste more than 2 hours each day searching for the right information. This is approximately one quarter of their workday. Tools like Cloud Search and Google Drive enables your team to organise and manage content throughout the content lifecycle, from the creation of your file to the archive of it. G Suite provides secure cloud storage solutions that enable employees with authorization to safely access resources wherever they are as long as they have access to the internet.

6. Offer them a secure space in which they can exchange information
Companies should be able to secure and protect their resources. The apps, Admin, Vault and Mobile were designed to allow this sharing of resources while ensuring that everything is secure and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


Giving these tools to your employees will increase their satisfaction which will also impact the service they will provide to your customers. This translates into recurring revenue for your business. G suite is google’s solution to companies looking to streamline their digital workplace. It makes the digital workplace possible for you and all your employees. 

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