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4 Benefits of better health care with Chrome Enterprise

Now more than ever, health care institutions like hospitals need to organise themselves for more efficient and secure patient care. Health care institutions are starting to understand that IT plays a vital part in that. Google Chrome Enterprise can play an important role to help shift healthcare organisations’ medical information to go fully digital. With Chrome, health institutions can organise faster access to patient information. They can give better care and use secured IT endpoints for both caregivers and patients. Read this article to discover 4 of the benefits of Chrome Enterprise for the healthcare sector.

Chrome Enterprise & Healthcare

The need for digital transformation in healthcare

Due to COVID-19, health care was and still is under severe pressure. Hospitals experience an increased inflow of patients, a higher cost burden and they have much more information to process. The current healthcare landscape is getting challenged by higher expectations for a faster and better quality of care.

To meet these expectations, there is need for easier and quicker access to medical records for both healthcare givers and patients. That’s why proper and secure IT platforms are essential to achieve this.

In the healthcare industry, more organisations are also making the shift from traditional desktop computers to Chrome devices. For example, Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg uses the Google Drive platform as their sole, and secure, enterprise file sharing solution. This makes it possible for health care workers to work faster and more efficiently from different locations. This gives them more time for better patient care.

What is Chrome Enterprise?

Chrome Enterprise consists of Chrome browser, Chrome OS and Chrome devices such as Chromebooks. Chromebooks are Chrome OS-powered devices that resemble laptops. They are mainly running applications and storing files in the Cloud. Chromebooks are already significantly successful in the education sector with up to 30 million devices being used by students and teachers.

4 benefits that Chrome Enterprise brings to the healthcare industry

Specifically for health care, Chrome Enterprise brings many advantages. Health institutions can give back precious time to caregivers by empowering them with the right IT tools. They can also improve the experience for their patients, by providing better access to information and creating an environment in which they feel welcomed.

We’ll dig a bit deeper in the benefits that Chrome can bring to both IT departments of health institutions, as well as caregivers and patients.

Chrome Enterprise solutions for Healthcare

1. Increased mobility and face time with patients

Healthcare providers consider relationships with patients as one of the most rewarding aspects of working in healthcare. But paper-based processes and fixed workstations reduce patient time and limit access to patient records & health information.

Mobility of devices

The portability of Chrome devices (tablets, phones, laptops) provides health care workers access to their work from virtually any location. These Chrome devices are shared securely with badge security, by multiple users, across multiple shared devices throughout the hospital, and on the go. This saves a large amount of time for health professionals. For example, health practitioners who need to monitor patient information could do this without being locked to a location.

Using Chrome shared devices will add 156 extra hours of productivity per employee per year and increases the face time with patients.
Google Chrome Enterprise Devices Boost Employee Experience and Productivity in the Healthcare Industry, A Forrester Total Economic Impact TM Study, December 2018

Increased Chrome mobility for Healthcare

2. More access to medical information for patients

At the same time, patients can use Chrome self-service devices, such as personal or general kiosks. In these kiosks, people can log in with their own accounts to check more easily their private information or appointment status. This means that patients don’t have to wait as long anymore for their diagnoses or other information.

Chrome kiosks are not just affordable, but also user-friendly. Multiple devices can be updated instantly from a central location.

3. Augmented security

One of the big questions people have around the use of Chrome Enterprise in healthcare, is security. How safe is all of this? Well, chrome Enterprise is designed with security in mind.

All Chrome devices, on a hospital network, have multi-layered defences and are managed centrally from a single Google Admin console, which allows administrators to secure and force policies for every access point.

So for example when devices are lost or stolen they can be remotely wiped, switched off and restricted to certain users.

Built-in security

On top of that, Chrome OS constantly updates itself and has built-in virus protection. It also uses sandboxing technology: virtual locked spaces to isolate processes and limit the scope of an attack.

With Chrome Enterprise your data, apps, browser, operating system and firmware are protected and controlled against all sorts of malware and phishing attacks.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Chrome devices are significantly cheaper and are just as effective as traditional computers, as they run mainly on Cloud-based applications. Using Chrome Enterprise also drastically reduces the IT costs in healthcare. For example, you no longer need to pay a license for the following tools:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Encryption software
  • Application distribution software
  • OS patches
  • System updates
  • Backups

Chrome Enterprise is a smart investment because the healthcare institution will lower its expenses and reduce its acquisition & operational costs.

Get outdated complex technology out of the way and give patients more face-to-face time.

“We needed a secure, mobile solution to allow our healthcare practitioners to document progress notes, in real-time, in patients’ homes, and we had less than 30 days to meet the new requirement. A Chrome Enterprise and G Suite solution gave us fast, easy-to-use laptops for our practitioners, making it easier for them to help the children they treat.”-Jason Tahaney, Hunterdon Healthcare

Google’s Chrome Enterprise devices have become a superior alternative to traditional desktops and laptops for health care institutions; in terms of mobility, security and affordability. Thanks to the Google Admin Console, the life of IT managers of health care institutions becomes easier. They can control Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices, as well as Chrome browsing, from one central platform. Chrome Enterprise helps health care organisations to move forward with the essential tools to transform digitally and efficiently. With as important results: better patient care and time freed up for health care workers to do work that matters.

If you want to know more about Chrome Enterprise, get in touch with one of our Chrome experts. Or Download  our detailed one-pager about Chrome Enterprise to learn more.